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Certificates Vs Experience


Hello Beautiful Readers,

On this one, I’m craving your indulgence on the subject matter. A worried reader wrote to me about this question on the minds of numerous youths. Those who have come along way through various walls of learning only to discover that there is still more too learn.

She wrote thus:

Dear MrProlifeeq,                              

Although,I’ve been following your blog (the few posts you find time to post,that is), I hardly comment, so  I’d like to say, good job so far.

I’m kinda confused about a particular area in career advancement and I’ll appreciate it if you could share this with your readers.          

Should one gather as many qualifications as possible before getting a job? Or is it better to wait till there’s a job before getting needed and relevant qualifications?

This has been on my mind since the Dangote truck drivers saga and I would love to hear/see people’s views on it.


Please make contributions. You just might be saving a generation!


•Matters Arising•

Beautiful greetings to my esteemed MPW(mrprolifeeq.wordpress) readers and enthusiasts. I can tell many of you have checked within the past week for any new posts by me(Judging by the number of clicks/hits recorded). Regrettably, I’ve been unable to churn out any new material, owing to the stressful nature of my “noble” job as a village teacher.

Preparing these ‘wonderful’ pupils for the year’s promotional examination, is not something I’d have thought to be this exhausting. Nevertheless, I’m glad the end of it is nigh.

In the past week(plus some few days) however, I had quite a number of things to wonder about, many of which I wish to bore you all with. As you take dressing to the edge of your seats and grab yourselves a hot bowl of popcorn; I ‘urge’ you not to expect too much! It is only a playful attempt to present a collage of my thoughts within that time line.

Many of the issues that made headline in the past week have been quite a bother. Nothing came across as good news. Bomb blasts rocked our hearts with fear; the rain came pouring without mercy and rendered many homeless and we are still at sea as to what services Mr. Lawan rendered to Mr. Otedola to earn such a mouth-watering reward.

Now take a cruise through my ponder-pattern and try to put a date to the time when this ‘Giant of Africa’ will score well in something positive. Was that exercise futile? It sure must have been.

Now that the present occurrences aren’t palatable and the future is relatively unknown, I sought succour in the events of the recent past. I tried to cast my mind back to the last time Nigeria had a collective reason to genuinely celebrate. I wanted to bask in the euphoria of that thought but that too was a herculean task.

Maybe on the cross over from military rule to democracy or Atlanta ’96. Perhaps, the death of the much dreaded dictator. I mean, could we have been a pretty sad nation for more than a decade?

I kept wondering what question I could ask that has not been asked before and left unanswered. So I chose to wrap that worry about Nigeria in a folder and toss to ‘recycle bin’. Somewhere I could always restore for use whenever the need arises.

With mixed feelings did I also worry about the depressing scheme called; NYSC(National Youth Service Corps). I can already imagine how majority in the number of past and present corps members will readily second my qualification of the scheme as so.

Agreed, it was established to create a platform for qualifying youths to appreciate other cultures and beliefs but can the logistics be played out safely?
If the government claims its intention is to foster national unity; I consider that very ‘noble’. However, at whose expense and at what cost will this trivial goal be executed.

From the simple knowledge of Cost-Benefit Analysis, it is glaring that the government is funding a white elephant project.

Today, NYSC is a major outlet from the pool of the nation’s economic resources. The ‘benefit’ of which doesn’t add up to the GDP of the country; not even by a decimal. Rather it has become an avenue for certain persons to enrich their lots on a ‘batchly’ basis.

The insensitivity of the leaders of this scheme to deploy helpless youths to crisis-prone areas of the country added to the list of my worries. *Sighs* “But why?” “Why evils?”.
Well, I’m glad that is sorted now, so I’d swiftly hit the delete button on that.

Being a serving member of the scheme; I had craved the end of it even before the beginning. I thought I was just being a spoilt brat but four(4) months down the line, my experience couldn’t have buttressed my cravings any better. Like I stated earlier, I’m a village teacher(against my will *sobs*). Worse still, in a remote, obscure, “naa,this-village-can’t-be-in-the-map”,”if-I-take-a-leap-from-this-village-I-just-might-land-in-Mars”, “end-of-the-world” village. *Phew*
(Don’t even ask about electricity or portable water *straight face*)

I’m getting used to worrying about how to live here for the next eight(8) months but I’m more worried by the extent of neglect this village has suffered. Especially the little ones. These kids learn under bizarre conditions and by very ridiculous methods. The stench that exudes from their ramschackled classroom blocks, constantly milks my guts.

Teaching a class of about eighty(80) students, where a little less than a quarter will understand a thing or two I have to say; I wonder…Who am I serving? It is that way, not because I’m a bad teacher but I’d have had some better impact only if I could speak their local language.

It is necessary I inform you that these students are openly aided during examinations, so I wonder again…Who am I serving?

*Whew!* Before this post becomes a really sad one, let me let you all into the beautiful things this village has to offer…*Scratching my head*…not so much really.
The host community is a very warm one and the cost of living is relatively cheap! And yea, I’ve picked a few words in Ibibio. At least, now I can tell my girlfriend how much I love her in one more language. Mmo ma fi eti eti, ima mi!

Detunji Demuren

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