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Lifestyle Buzz – Wick≡≡d Stones by Olatunji Akande

“Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history. Our ancestors used to create crafts out of necessity, and now we do them for fun, to make money and to express ourselves.” – Phyllis George.

Truly, one fine gentleman has found love for crafts. Olatunji Akande never imagined what would become of his newly found hobby when he started stringing beads. To learn of what he has grown this hobby into, is not quite surprising. His fashionable nature furnishes sufficient reason to this.

Wick≡≡d stones by Olatunji Akande has  become a statement of style, class and an addition to the world of urban fashion. His brilliant choice of stones, exquisite designs and appeal are absolutely covetable. Whatever size, shape or colour; you will find an interesting piece to beautifully complement your style. Enjoy these interesting pictures of Tunji’s wealth of creativity.

Catch more pictures of  Olatunji Akande’s creations on his facebook page or on twitter.

To place orders, kindly contact:

T: +234-1-802-9452685, +234-1-706-2429010


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MPW Buzz-o-nality – Ms. ‘Tobi Wangboje


Red Jacket screams; FIERCE but this is a far cry from who the MPW buzz of the moment is. Laid back, silky and fun loving young lady; hails from the South Western part of Nigeria. With a seemingly nonchalant attitude she finds her way around everyday living and gets away with it with a smile on her face. Usually spotted with her ears plugged and her soul cheering to some deep tunes. She is a heavy lover and critic of soul, alternative, intelligently written urban rap and Nigerian music. With a university degree in European Studies; if you guess that she might be fun to have a witty conversation with, then you probably have not guessed wrong.

She considers herself a happy-go-lucky person who might snap at crap ONLY at the height of provocation. When asked what drives her to want to succeed, she goes; “I just wanna be successful!”

As a pastime she loves watching movies, listening to music, reading books (of course this has to be a pastime for every cool girl) and having her space. Yes, she loves her personal moments when she draws inward and is left alone to just breathe. Ms Tobi enjoys going out and meeting people. According to her; “I don’t really have a favourite hang-out spot. As long as I’m with my friends, I’m good!”

For the belly; soda,waffles, chocolates, ice cream, cakes, cookies and candies are a few of her favourite things. As much as it is evident that she has a sweet tooth, she adores her AMALA moments even more! (Amala wey she nor fit cook o!) One begins to wonder how she stays trim with these calories. It might be a rigorous work out schedule, did you say? Well, it is not. She does no such thing! I call her LUCKY!



With an ambition to want to be an OAP (On-Air Personality), you can imagine that she lives the life already. A walk into her closet will confirm this. As easy going as she gets, she dresses the part too. This charming Queen’s college alumna enjoys comfy outfits and might be spotted more often in denim pants than in skirts and dresses. Plus, if you ever perceive the beautiful mix of the Narciso Rodriguez cologne, you just might have the elegant Ms Tobi somewhere around you!

Not much of an “internet person” but Tobi still manages to secure some decent cyber-space for herself.  For the brothers with a huge appetite, this is the best I can do for you! Click HERE to find her on twitter and HERE for her facebook page. Good luck guys and yea, you stand a chance!!! :X 😀 Well, maybe not…anyways, deuces!!!




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