Counting Down To Zero


Beloved MPW readers, like you must have noticed, a number of my posts are inspired by things that have lingered in my mind for a while which I end up sharing. This post is no exception. It is another product of my often busy mind. This time however, the thoughts are an extension of my previous post (which you can find HERE).

Very many times when we live nowadays, we just live. Oblivious of many thoughts that should be considered by the second. We just live. You will understand why I think this in a bit.

Sometimes ago, on one of these nose-poking platforms they call social networks, I met this old acquaintance and quickly we started chatting away like we are not mere acquaintances in real life!

All seemed fine until the “What do you do now?” question popped up – of course from me. For a while there was no response to that and when there was one eventually, there wasn’t anything reasonable to hold on to. With all the scattered responses of; “Just chilling”, “I’m doing fine”, “Nothing much, really” and the likes; I guessed, very strongly, that there could be a little shortfall in my expectation of how far this person should have come.

Then I thought to myself, why did I need to know in the first place? I can imagine that a number of people reading this are wondering too! “Bros Prolifeeq, wetin be your own consign,kwa?”*  Quite seriously though, the only reason my mind could come up with is that I needed to assess this person to assess myself. In all sincerity, that was quite it.

In today’s society, many things are expected from one at the attainment of a certain age. In your youth, the minimum expectation of success will translate into academic excellence and/or a decent source of sustenance. Harnessing talents, ideas, skills and the likes – All these inclusive.

Errrm, I just might be wrong. It seems success has taken a new turn. As soon as your life savings can buy you a smart phone, some skinny jeans trousers and a few colourful baseball hats – Alas! Success! For a lady, maybe when you can afford(or get a “sponsor” ) to buy several varieties of human hair, huge bags,numerous  colour blocking “gadgets” and all sorts of material stuff. Hmmm, if excitement has begun for as many that fit into this description, thinking this indeed is it; this piece isn’t really for your specie.

For as many value driven minds and people with remarkable purpose; let us converge in thoughts and have this refreshing discuss. What might we term success to be? A means to an end or an end in itself? A destination or a daily sojourn? A trophy or a feeling of fulfillment? Many questions, isn’t it? Here are some more – What point will you reach before you call yourself successful? With what yardstick do you measure success? Why do you want to be successful?

You will realize that as we attempt to give sincere answers to these thought provoking questions; many personal oversights, wrong assumptions and misplaced priorities begin to surface. We will observe too that for more moments than otherwise, we lose sight of our personal objectives (if we have any, anyway)

The case is usually about us subscribing to a bandwagon of money making as against steadily pushing one’s self to the paramount level of self actualization and fulfillment.

Of course, it is important to pay the bills and possess a sufficient capacity to do same but not at all cost. As far as I am concerned, I blame the overwhelming rise and rise of frustration on desperation. For everyone that will beg to differ with the argument that one needs to be dogged, hardworking, tireless and persevering; we all know the sort of desperation I’m talking about here. Let us not skid off the main point.

At the times when desperation eats deep into your skin and you find “anything” which is not that “something” that you will rather be engaged in; frustration creeps in. The processes in working out that “anything” becomes unnatural, clumsy and pretty bumpy! One will be caught up in an unending rat race, most certainly!

Just so that success wouldn’t be a case of “almost there” for us all, we need to stop for a moment to ask ourselves all these questions again. Some sort of reality check; you might want to call it!

Many reasons why people want to succeed these days are pitiable. Let it not be for show off or for public display: Will you still have a reason to want to be successful?

The interpretation of success that the media of today portrays it as, is one more reason why priorities are voluntarily misplaced. The rate at which people channel useful energy and/or resources to irrelevance is quite a pointer to  this.

The idea is this – Personal examination and proper comprehension of one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should inform every motive to want to grow, develop, expand and succeed. Very simply put. Otherwise, the rat race will continue without a medal for it. Considering that no one ever sees the end of a rat race, anyway!

Whichever way time reveals itself to you, slow or pacy; make the best use of it…for your good. Remember, what is not good is bad, just saying. Set standards, set limits, be purposeful, be committed, be contented, be positive, be hopeful, be original and in all things; be you!

When every activity you engage yourself in culminates to your overall satisfaction (not at the detriment of someone else, anyway); you will discover you are on an automatic cruise control to greatness.

Live life beautifully so that tears and a sack full of unpleasant memories do not characterize your last days. Choose to enjoy and end life’s sojourn with a huge smile!



“Bros Prolifeeq, wetin be your own consign,kwa?” – This means; “Why are you concerned, MrProlifeeq”

Dear Readers,

I hope it was a refreshing read.

Kindly air your views about your understanding of success and the topic of discuss at large.

Thanks for sharing knowledge always!


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This is the official blog of Ogundemuren Adetunji (aka MrProlifeeq) and his enthusiasts; where he will share personal views and takes on general and diverse themes. A proud Nigerian who holds a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the Lagos State University and an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. MrProlifeeq is a poet and a lover of the simple things of life and with his modest command of the English and Yorùbá languages, he will share his thoughts in a manner that will bring to life, a variety of angles to several issues already considered cliché. MrProlifeeq enjoys family moments, the scrabble game, singing, playing musical instruments and writing songs. To contact MrProlifeeq, send a mail to Other websites include; Enjoy the blogging side of me!

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  1. For almost a year now, my watchword has been ‘perception is reality’, this is because I believe one’s mind set determines how one views life, thus, I wholeheartedly approve your thoughts as stated above and adopt same as my stance on the subject.

  2. Woooowwww…….this write-up is so much on point at this time of the year when everyone has got one resolution or the other. I want to be this in 2013,I want to be that in 2013,(remember 2013 won’t bring the magic)………….”Priorities” have to be redefined to set one-self on that pace to achieving greatness……..”Set standards, set limits, be purposeful, be committed, be contented, be positive, be hopeful, be original and in all things; be you!”……YESSSSSS…….well done bro…

  3. Hon. Olusola Oyeniran

    Mr Prolifique, this is a fantastic article that immensely opine realism @ its peak. This is indeed an epic with true life indications. Your combo on the past and presence is so articulate and intellectually portrayed. Thumbs up bro, I’m proud of you.

  4. Good job frd, yesterday precisely 10pm I. Told myself why is it that now adays people no longer what to leave a legacy behind rather we all want to leave mansion. Wealth is good and God want us to be wealthy but any wealth that doesn’t affect life is useless. Once again good job I hope we all stop by to think abt it

  5. You know in a time where the society chooses to ignore morals and ask you questions such as “what were you doing while your mates were doing whatever it is they did”. I quit yahoo in 2005 and boy am I proud of myself? I have a degree, a 9-5, and lots more coming as God permits. Live right, do what’s right and live with the clearest conscience.

    I know this comment may have been far from the subject, it’s just what I was thinking at the moment.

    • I understand your stance very vividly and its not even an absolute veering off the topic. In fact, it is motivational and deep enough to learn from. Keep doing right, buddie!

  6. HMmm… Food for thought. Inspiring piece.

  7. famakinde Oluwafunke

    This is a societal problem. We make society dictate our standards…As u have rightly pointed we’re all in a race race trying to please not ourselves but society!…*btw, i enjoyed reading this.

  8. Tunji. Good write up. Truly, If we all audit why we want to succeed, we’d find we are not different from Armed-Robbers or Tigers in the jungle. The African society has cultured men whose lives are in Auto mode, merely trying to “win” without any sense of mission to live for a greater good beyond themselves. This is not “talking at anyone”. I daily audit this reality. Africa, and indeed Nigeria are tired of “successful” people, we need great minds. Thanks for sharing. Very worthwile.

  9. igunnu olabanjo

    Thought of this nature is really good for this period, thumb up bro, its a good new year present for everyone that have a vision. As Tochukwu as rightly said we need to audit our success and redefine our purpose of existence.
    Keep it up bro

  10. Well writtern. Tell this to the “Bold-5-carrying-brazillian-hair-wearing-elegushi-tinz-loading-colour-abusing” girls that have multiplied in Lagos recently. May we not face an extinction of virtuous women in the near future. And also to the “skinny-pants-wearing-fitted-hat-donning” guys willing 2 go any length 2 live lies. All these things aren’t bad…when they are not your prime focus or what your confidence is anchored 2. Success as I am beginning to see goes far beyond immediate and short lived happiness as a result of what material stuff we have. Its about learning 2 enjoy life and embrace values that make life more peaceful…..especially when uv got money in the Bank!

  11. Yh. That’s my guy. Societal pressure aint cutting it n the earlier peeps realize,the better. Them rainbow girls n d gay looking brothers don’t kno what’s coming. We do, n we gonna that Steven speilberg movie they’ll learn from.

  12. thanks for this thoughtful piece. One thing you did not mention- is to be godly. The scripture says “godliness with contentment is profitable” (1 Tim 4:8). Today many including the so-called ‘men of God’ are struggling outside God’s approval in order to be “successful” engaged in things that are ungodly and flaunting it to the world as testimonies of God’s miracles. May God help. But to the godly, we shall get there!

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