Blessed to be Black

Far into my dauntless history,
came cries of lasting freedom.
Now that I come face to face with victory,
fearlessly,I doth reign on my kingdom.

No more tears in our eyes,
‘cos our tears had been long cried.
No more fears in our lives.
‘cos our fears;we buried when it died.

It is that part of me that is jungle,
firmly,keeping me going.
With leisure,I tackle my struggles,
a result of my black grooming.

Black,the power.
Ebony,the skin.
Black,the colour.
The totem,right within.

If to this world again;
I doth come back,
bring me not in vain,
Eledumare,keep me black.


About mrprolifeeq

This is the official blog of Ogundemuren Adetunji (aka MrProlifeeq) and his enthusiasts; where he will share personal views and takes on general and diverse themes. A proud Nigerian who holds a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the Lagos State University and an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. MrProlifeeq is a poet and a lover of the simple things of life and with his modest command of the English and Yorùbá languages, he will share his thoughts in a manner that will bring to life, a variety of angles to several issues already considered cliché. MrProlifeeq enjoys family moments, the scrabble game, singing, playing musical instruments and writing songs. To contact MrProlifeeq, send a mail to Other websites include; Enjoy the blogging side of me!

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  1. Cool combo of words reflecting your thoughts. However I’m truly inspired by the end of this write-up and the words indicating an indirectly direct contentment in the choice of the creator. Here’s a good message for all Mr Pro. Cheers!

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