My first day at work was filled with the usual chills of observing the new environment, getting introduced as the “new guy” (always very awkward) and learning about my job description to the detail and in the environment where it is required. Oddly, the event in that day that still replays very freshly in my mind was my visit to the gents.

After taking a twinkle and washing my hands, I looked to the mirror to ensure I was okay to exit the room. There I began a journey into a wilderness of my own thoughts; solely initiated by the signage glued to the mirror. It read; “The man in the mirror is responsible for his own safety.”
I stood numb in front of the mirror for a minute too many, pondering at a billion-thoughts-per-second pace. When I came around, I discovered the interesting nature of the mirror and its interplay with the human mind.

Considering that I walked into the room through a semi-opaque glass door that I had no fascination for whatsoever; I confidently postulate that a mirror stands to be of a better VALUE than a mere glass. Thus, a mirror is an upgrade of an ordinary glass by the reflective “shield” behind it. It would effectively serve the purpose of a glass and an additional purpose of reflecting images.

As it is common knowledge that only valuable items are worthy of being secured against destruction, abuse or devaluation; so should be the HUMAN MIND.
The human mind seats in the nucleus of the soul and dictates the quality of the will, intellect and emotions of its host. It is indeed an object of value; a well spring of life’s essence- YOU ARE YOUR MIND!

With that much said about its significance, it is instructive to NOT, as the ordinary glass; subject the mind to the innumerable eyes seeking its devastation. Take up the appearance of the mirror and adorn your mind’s corridors with a reflective shield which throws the viewers into an abysmal realm of searching.

Have you ever had that friend, colleague, associate or relative that you find boring, predictable or sometimes repulsive? (You are imagining some persons that fit this profile, right?) I put it to you that your judgement of them as such is not unconnected to how they had left their minds to the vulnerability of your examining eyes. We lose interest in people because of how much we know about them and our usually-accurate prediction of their speech, silence, actions and inactions.

When we personify the ordinary glass; we stand the risk of bearing the “see-through” status and suffering a universe of consequences including;
*being taken for granted (wholly or partly),
*being considered boring and repulsive,
*smearing an aura of provocation all over one’s self,
*losing beneficial relationships and ties,
*being predictable and susceptible to danger,
*constant verbal and/or physical abuse, etc.

In the down times of our lives(which is the part the world enjoys learning about-Sad but true), we should learn to climb back up the hill without showing the world how those moments must have pummelled our inner man. Enjoy the monopoly of that information and forge ahead! Like I learnt; only a few people sincerely care about your worries, a little more than that number show concern for the fulfilment they feel knowing about your peril and a larger chunk do not give a damn! So, pose your minds as mirrors; reflecting the wisdom or otherwise of the peering eyes. Leave them to demystify the contents and watch how your essence grows.

Of course, no one should earn the reputation of a shut system, detached from the world and the many virtues it avails. Let the mind be carefully garrisoned but only open to the very few necessary people at your own discretion.

It takes conscious effort to determine who(within the friends zone) deserves to be shown the “mirror you” or the “glass you”; as close family members and loved ones should enjoy the glass side.(for that amiable co-existence due to their category) CAUTION: From time to time, let them “enjoy” the mirror side to rekindle the interest!

Therefore, as we continue towards the height of self actualization, let us stay relevant while we are at it: Keeping our minds safe. After all, it is the fountain from whence cometh the issues of life.

I hope this post served as light to the darkness of ignorance and/or revealed new dimensions to seemingly established perceptions. I humbly implore all to contribute to the endless quest of knowledge by linking personal experiences to this topic of discuss. Either to buttress established view points or to disagree.

More excitingly, please look forward to the post sequel to this, for; “10 YARDSTICKS TO DETERMINE WHO DESERVES THE MIRROR-YOU OR THE GLASS-YOU.”

Keep supporting the light; keep supporting knowledge!

Detunji Demuren


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  1. Tunji, I think this piece is simply great. From the beginning quote, to establishing the Mirror and the Glass, to the sequel, that I can’t wait to see. This is the depth and mastery of discretion: to know who & who deserves a spot in your destiny’s space (your mind). Tunji, I mean no patronage, this is great.

  2. Just thinking now about the day I was experiencing a down time and I had it on my BBM status… What I could have done otherwise…

  3. Miss ChinaDoll

    Tunji this is great..This is helpful as I realised how using one’s mind with control over what goes on in it and how it reflects in our relationship with others..I tend to conclude so many things positive and negative before it occurs which affects me esp when relating to friends..

  4. Tunji nice piece,Guard your heart(mind) with all diligence because out of it flows out the issues of life.It is what u call your fellow human being that is what he would manifest to you.As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

  5. Awesome

  6. So many mistakes i’ve made by being too open! Tnx tunji, i truly needed to read dis.

  7. Hmmmm……this is very toughtful,i think is true that not everybody should be allowed to see through what reads on our mind just like u’ve linked that to the “glass”………afterall most people careless and for those who even seem to care,most of them does that just to put up a good impression we hav abt them………….hmmmm indeed am gonna use my monopoly powers right…….yes…..but before I forget……Tunji this is another good one I must confess…….keep d good job up

  8. i am short of the words to express my deep appreciation of the depth of your thought.dis is an act many of us partake in and find no true relief or solution afterwards,because the people we open up 2 manytimes dnt no the way out demselves.we rily need 2 be wise about dis.
    Welldone Tunji!!! luking forward 2 reading d post sequel to dis.

  9. Very well penned.. Great job.

  10. “Let the mind be carefully garrisoned but only open to the very few necessary people at your own discretion…” That’s all! Totally absorbing. Thanks.

  11. Well done. Keep it up

  12. This is great. Iv been thinking about somn like dis for a while…like how much you let pple knw abt u and how far you let pple in…love this post. Come chat w/me na

  13. I’ll call this “The Mirror or Glass Theory”…I had to go through this twice…and with each read new lessons and insights were gained. Bless you brother. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. *i quote “we should learn to climb back up the hill without showing the world how those moments must have pummelled our inner man”… To my own understanding>struggle in silence, your success will make the noise.
    *i quote “Take up the appearance of the mirror and adorn your mind’s corridors with a reflective shield which throws the viewers into an abysmal realm of searching”… through your journey of success, keep your mouth shut and let the world (friends,family and foe)wonder how it happened.
    NB-“It is easier to talk to God than to talk to men so in that time of tribulation, TALK TO GOD because,”Like I learnt; only a few people sincerely care about your worries”.

    MrPro, you nailed it.Thank you..i chose to be a mirrow, where by my image will always reflect happiness even in my “dark” days…. bravo bro!

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