Sweet Mischief: A Little Too Much of It?

Sweet Mischief: A little too much of it?
Many of us find pleasure in reminiscing about our childhood days and the many events that characterized same. A number of these memories leave huge grins on our faces or sometimes lure us into an involuntary outburst!
For some of us who had our childhood in the years before the widespread availability of modern day technology, the “you-can-stay-indoors-and-have-fun-all-by-yourself” era and its enabling gadgets; I’m sure an avalanche of memories has already overwhelmed your thoughts. The sweetest of these memories however, couldn’t be anything short of mischief- YES, MISCHIEF!
Before I go on, can we all reach a consensus that there are some pranks that kids could skim and play out that can safely pass as “sweet mischief”? Those in support say; “YEA!”; those against say; “NAY!” *Looks around and clears throat* Wow,what a mischievous bunch you all are!
The inexhaustible list of “sweet mischief” we contributed to as children spanned from; a-football-game-renders-the-neighbour’s-glass-broken scene, to the naughty classroom pranks aimed at teachers and gullible colleagues(I’m still surprised at the almost infinite number of this breed) and on to the famous(or infamous…depending on the perspective of the players or their parents!) “Daddy and Mummy” game YOU all enjoyed playing *nudge nudge; wink wink*… I never played or liked that game sha! *adjusting halo*
MOVING ON!!! It is never the case of a smile or chuckle when we remember such memories as of some kids who took/take pleasure in expanding their craft of mischief beyond the parameters of what can be considered; “sweet”.
I once had this neighbour who loved to share with anyone and everyone how stubborn her male child was or is.(deliverance fit don make am change sha)
She had nothing better to speak of her son and he lived up to the hype very consistently! Before his fifth christmas, he had undergone two(2) major orthopaedic procedures and had lost a milk incisor to his stubbornness! Although, I’m unaware of what he has eventually turned to be but I can imagine what he might have become if only he grew worse.
When the behaviour of your child is continuously characterised by aggressiveness; such a child should be kept under “surveillance” and steps should be taken to salvage the situation.
Experts in child care speak of various measures to be taken to manage such class of children BUT I advice that they are adopted and administered intelligently as no two challenges can be perfectly alike. These steps may include;
*checking their mental health,
*observing new habits and tracing the source of same,
*spending more time with them,
*to never allow a communication gap between you and them,
*organising family outings and getaways….works like magic!
*to always emphasise proper etiquette,
*rewarding good behaviour and actions reasonably,
*to find and administer commensurate punishment for wrong deeds,
*punishments should be creative and geared towards developing the child,
*smartly ignoring attention seeking children(where necessary),
*to desist from unnecessary beating and/or yelling. It never really works (didn’t work for you sef, remember?)
*to seek proper and professional counsel.
(Please applaud me for generating this list as I’ve never had or catered to a child before!) *taking a bow*

In my opinion, parents and guardians owe their children and wards the much freedom they require for them to have a childhood(lest they search for it in their adulthood….small pun intended) but paramountly, owe the society the duty to check the affairs of their young ones and ensure that every mischief they might be up to will conveniently and generally pass as sweet and acceptable.
A number of homes have suffered and are suffering from what I term; “the black sheep syndrome” and many of these children are left to explore beyond the circumference of “sweet mischief”. They eventually decay at an almost-unnoticeable rate of retrogression.
Today, our world is filled with adults who needed special attention (Attention to the very little things) in their childhood but didn’t get. If you are wondering what these adults may have become; ponder no more. Just turn on your televisions, check the internet space, read newspapers and periodicals, put an ear to your radio or take a walk through the dark alleys. Then you will learn about the millions of persons who choke the earth of its peace. The ones once left to enjoy a little more than sweet mischief.


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  1. This is nice Tunji….i hope one day all these will come in a book everyone will love to read…thumbs up brof!

  2. Hehehe,loved the part about playing mummy ‘n daddy as kids! *covers face*. Nice job tunji, proud of ya!

  3. nice 1 mister , u gat skills in catering for kids o … have a rethink sir

  4. A delightful read….totally well penned. I expect nothing less….its tunji after-all.

  5. Decay at an almost unnoticeable rate of retrogression… Sounds Mr.Prolifeeq. I believe that if every family played its role, it’ll be impossible for the nation to fail. Tunji keep it up.

  6. Reading this was worth the while…….excellent analysis and recommendation Mr.Prolifeeq!

  7. This is really good. Brought back good memories. Really good points on how to manage “problem” children. 🙂

  8. The onus is on the parents to give their children a sense of direction,mischief is not bad bt wen its goes to the extreme it becomes worrisome. Parents be on the look out . Tunji u leaving up 2 ur name thumbs up.

  9. Nicely done, God bless ur brain.

  10. As a graduate of psychology, this is a lovely piece. I’m sure Piaget would have loved to meet you. Parents should read this. They still have a lot to learn. You are indeed MrProlifeeq!!!!!!

  11. uuhhhmmmm……see what my boi has bcom…..true talk dear. T..yelz weldone bro

  12. Mr Ogundemuren, r u sure dis lil kid u talk about aint you. Well, I kno wot yu turned out 2 be now- Gentleman, prolific writer, and most of all me homie. Shout out 2 yu doing this.

  13. Did you have to bring all those memories back? Now they are flooding my head and making me almost crack up…*stifles laugh*. Dude, you forgot some other “interesting” and “impish” acts of “sweet mischief”…but we both know what I’m talking about so don’t feign ignorance…hehehe. Really proud to see you putting pen to paper like this (looks more like “fingers to keypads”…or is it keyboard…whatever sha…you get my drift). If I come across any child with the “black sheep” syndrome I’ll be sure to make his/her parents read this. 🙂

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