Allow the peep: You called for it.

The paparazzi wouldn’t mind an unhealing blister on their forefinger just to catch your next move on camera,they trail you to your closet and they are not done yet,it gets worse as your life gets better,that’s the life you chose!
Ever had a pause moment to ponder on what life in the spotlight means or translates into? It is,most often than not,more difficult than the rigours of trying to get into it.
Lights,camera,action,fans,friends,family(if you ever have time for them),your past,present and future,projects,legacies,scandals and more scandals;the list is endless.
If you EVER(yes,I stressed the word “EVER”) have a personal life,it is still difficult to untangle your other half,it is like a plate of scrambled eggs,pretty hard to unscramble! You are completely drenched in thoughts of what next step to take to keep you,relevantly in business. As time progresses,the fans demand better flavour,better put;more value for their monies.
A few years ago,you were a voice crying in the wilderness,you had the kind of life which now,with every sense of remorse,you crave for. Its a far cry from what obtains now,even your whisper would be aired.(respect to the ying-yang twins)
Wait a moment,let’s drag ourselves to the inner chambers of conscience and come out real with one another,can an entertainer have a private life? Whatever offset of the entertainment industry you belong to;music,film or comedy,it is pretty hard to entertain your fans just well enough! Apart from your act on stage or the various aspects of your showbiz,they will rather have a little more.
Ironically,the “little more” in their perspective is that nerve-wrecking bit you just might want to escape. When smiling is the last thing on your mind, they would,very sweetly,force you to wear one,demand to take pictures,some even want to have a chat,better if they kept it short,some people just go on and on. To any head liner, his enthusiasts are more like strangers, but in the hearts of the fans, he is warmly adored and felt closer than a brother.
The other day, I was at this gathering; one of these big shows people can’t stop talking about these days. I decided to have a blast all through. It all went well until it got to some point at the after party, when I couldn’t help but get lost in the activities of a string of fans and one of our big names around. For lack of a better word, it was embarrassing. Some ladies and some guys who ofcourse, have a problem or two with which gender they belong to, just couldn’t get their hands off him. It became a little more embarrassing when, on his departure, his admirers didn’t give him a chance into his car! I bet after that night, he would see employing some fierce looking bodyguards as good investment.
That the limelight sucks out the privacy in one’s life should be a message entertainers and intending entertainers must come to terms with. Consequently, worry less about a regular life and if you get caught up in the web of a tireless crowd of fans, keep the smile on and say to yourself; “this is the life I chose.”


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This is the official blog of Ogundemuren Adetunji (aka MrProlifeeq) and his enthusiasts; where he will share personal views and takes on general and diverse themes. A proud Nigerian who holds a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting from the Lagos State University and an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. MrProlifeeq is a poet and a lover of the simple things of life and with his modest command of the English and Yorùbá languages, he will share his thoughts in a manner that will bring to life, a variety of angles to several issues already considered cliché. MrProlifeeq enjoys family moments, the scrabble game, singing, playing musical instruments and writing songs. To contact MrProlifeeq, send a mail to Other websites include; Enjoy the blogging side of me!

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  1. Wowwwwww……nice piece of write up,I think its the life any celebrity choses to have at the initial stage,……”FAMOUS”……..but latter demands privacy for their intimate personal issue……….forgetting that Fans and d world in general is now on d look out for any little step taken…………..any I will advise anyone that founds his/herself in this situation to live up to standard and be a role Model……#peace#

  2. Tunji. I covet your poetry skills. I will love to learn from it here. Good piece. I think though that it come naturally when you are influencing or impacting other people. I guess the crux is balance. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. My thoughts exactly but, couldn’t have managed to put it so eloquently. For a 1st blog,nice job!

  4. wow….t..yelz what did u come to do in d accting part of dis world….well i think d word is wateva ur hands finds to do di it welll….T.yelz i must confess dis a job well done ….keep it up.

  5. Nice job bro…you just made me really think of how deprived of “REAL LIFE” being in the spotlight leaves people. Well tailored for your 1st post. *thumb up*

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